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React Native Animated for Beginners



The sequence is one method for composing animations together. This will have an animation trigger one after the other.

1st animation -> 2nd animation -> 3rd animation -> nth animation

this._opacityAnimationValue = new Animated.Value(1);
this._moveAnimationValue = new Animated.ValueXY();

	Animated.timing(this._moveAnimationValue, {
		toValue: 100,
		duration: 500
	Animated.timing(this._opacityAnimationValue, {
		toValue: 0,
		duration: 200

<Animated.View style={{opacity: this._opacityAnimationValue, transform: this._moveAnimationValue.getTranslateTransform()}} />

Our example here we have 2 animations. One that will control opacity, and the other movement ( or in our case translateX/translateY).

The first animation will move the View from x: 0, y: 0 to x: 100, y: 100. Then our second animation will kick off and it will fade out the opacity from 1 to 0.