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React Native Animated for Beginners



The stagger call will have 2 animations trigger at the same time,

this._opacityAnimationValue = new Animated.Value(1);
this._moveAnimationValue = new Animated.ValueXY();

Animated.stagger(100, [
	Animated.timing(this._moveAnimationValue, {
		toValue: 100,
		duration: 500
	Animated.timing(this._opacityAnimationValue, {
		toValue: 0,
		duration: 200

<Animated.View style={{opacity: this._opacityAnimationValue, transform: this._moveAnimationValue.getTranslateTransform()}} />

Our example here we have 2 animations. One that will control opacity, and the other movement ( or in our case translateX/translateY ).

The first animation will move the View from x: 0, y: 0 to x: 100, y: 100. This will happen over the 500 milliseconds.

There will be a delay of 100 milliseconds.

Then our second animation will kick off and it will fade out the opacity from 1 to 0.

So the Animated.View will move, wait 100 milliseconds and then fade out.

This example is kind of contrived, but one perfect example of this sort of movement is Chat Heads. Trigger an animation to same location but causing a staggered delay of a certain number of milliseconds.