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Master React Native Animations


Thank you for purchasing this React Native Animation course. I'll take you through understanding the basics of animating all the properties in React Native styling. Moving on through understanding how to combine animations, and using animations with gestures. Slowly getting more advanced and building out our own custom animations for things like SVG Paths (which Animated doesn't support out of the box).

Finally we'll tackle practical examples starting with a focus on basic examples and putting the basic knowledge we've acquired to use. Each example will slowly grow more complex until we move on to more advanced animations.

Not only will you learn about the Animated library and animations, you'll also learn about React Native and it's layout engine. Completely understanding layout engine and styling is crucial for being able to dissect animations in the wild and rebuild them from scratch.

Understanding some basic algebra and geometry is also useful. We may touch on, and or link to some math aspects but there will be no deep mathematical explanations or expectations of you.