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Master React Native Animations

Native Animations

Animated operates on the JavaScript side of React Native and sends new style and updates across the bridge with setNativeProps. This works for most animations but sometimes your animations may not be performing smoothly. This is where the useNativeDriver option comes in.

The main downside is that it is not support on all animations yet. At this time it's support for timing and spring and Animated.event when it is combined with Animated.ScrollView.

The reason that it's only supported on a handful of methods is that the entire logic behind Animated needs to be re-implemented on the native side. The values you pass in (duration, tension, friction, etc) get serialized and passed over to the native side. If your Animated.View is given a native driven animation then the native world will use an AnimatedNode.

When you call start the animation will tell the native world to start executing the animation. Since the animation is executing on the native side the JavaScript won't be blocked by the animation calculations and also won't have to continually send calculations over the bridge.

NOTE: At this time opacity and the various transform properties are supported. More values will be supported as the native portion of Animated is improved.


In order to execute a native animation with timing you would add the useNativeDriver: true to your configuration like so.

Animated.timing(this._animation, {
  duration: 500,
  toValue: 1,
  useNativeDriver: true,

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Just like timing, pass in useNativeDriver: true.

Animated.spring(this._animation, {
  toValue: 1,
  useNativeDriver: true,

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One thing to note is that we should use a scrollEventThrottle of 1 here instead of 16. Throttling events to 16 ensures that we are running at 60 FPS. However when running natively we shouldn't be dropping frames and want to get notified as frequently as possible so our Animated.Value updates.

        nativeEvent: {
          contentOffset: {
            y: this._animation,
    { useNativeDriver: true }

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